8 Tips to prepare your shop for the holiday rush

Just Artisan - 8 Tips to prepare your shop for the holiday rush

The holiday season is quickly approaching! For many online sellers, the rush of sales can quickly become overwhelming. Use the list below as a starting point to begin preparing for the holiday season, and reduce your stress with a plan. This list covers many of the little things you can do to prepare your shop for the additional orders and the stress the holiday season can potentially bring!

Add your shipping and payment information

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to add your shipping and payment settings. With so much happing this season, it is easy to miss such an important step. Proper shipping and payment settings essential for selling your products online!

Optimize your titles, tags, categories, and descriptions.

Review your listings from a shopper’s point-of-view. While reviewing your listings, double-check that you’ve selected the correct category for each of your items, that you’re using 10 relevant tags for every item, and that your item titles are clear and descriptive. Make sure your descriptions are clear and compelling, with all the relevant information that a customer would like to know about your products.

Spruce up your photography.

Are your photographs eye-catching? Your product images are often the first impression that customers will have of your shop! The holidays are a great time to take a look at your photographs and create seasonally eye-catching product images.

Give your shop look a Christmas spin.

Making a few small changes to your shop is a great way to transform your store into a holiday shopping destination. One of the best ways to update your store is to upload a new banner for your store page. 

What kind of deal should I offer?

During the holiday season, shoppers are always looking for a great deal. Running a sale or setting up seasonal coupons is a great way to entice customers and get more sales. But how much should you offer? The answer is… it’s up to you! You should know your profit margins and never run a sale that is more than you can afford. You can even set a scheduled sale, making it easier to promote the dates and times of your holiday sale.

What do I do leading up to the sale?

Plan your holiday marketing strategy! Planning your marketing strategy in advance is a great way to reduce stress and market consistently during the season. Here are some tips to help you promote your store:

  • Use social media such as Instagram and Facebook to get the word out.
  • Stock up on your most popular items, as well as packaging and shipping supplies. 
  • Set up international shipping to reach more customers.
  • It’s helpful to have a friend look over your shop with a critical eye. Getting a third opinion is a great way to get a new perspective on your shop and gain insight into how customers will view your listings.

What else can I do to wow my buyers?

Think of ways to go above and beyond for customers. Will you be adding gift wrapping and/or gift tags? Will it be included in the purchase or an extra charge. I suggest figuring it out now and adding it to your policies, descriptions, and social media posts!

Take care of yourself.

At the end of the day, make sure that you are prioritizing your health and wellbeing. Although the holidays can be hectic, they are a time for relaxing and spending time with those you love. Take breaks, get plenty of sleep, and spending time with loved ones are great ways to reduce stress and recharge from a busy holiday season!

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