Christmas Must-Haves for 2020

Just Artisan - Christmas Must-Haves for 2020

Christmas Gnomes by Gnomebase

Every Home Needs A Gnome!

Beautiful home decor gnomes and gnome-themed items for your home, family and friends.

Was is a tomte, or Swedish Gnome? Gnomes, Tomte, Nisse or Tonttu; in Scandinavian countries, these little creatures guard your home. In Swedish, their name comes from the old word ‘tomt’ which means plot – the plot of land where your home is. A well kept home is said to have it’s own resident Tomte, who keeps it tidy and safe.

A Tomte is the perfect Hygge accessory!

  • by Gnomebase

Christmas Countdown Calendar by Cuvus

Christmas is coming! An advent calendar is the perfect way to make the waiting period fun and full of surprises for your loved ones!

Upcycled Christmas Ornaments by Upcycle Bookcycle

Book lovers unite with a recycled book ornament. The pages are taken from unwanted books and helps prevent waste from our landfills.

Quilled Ornaments by JGaw Craft-y-Arts

Add some color to your christmas tree, with intricate paper ornaments by JGaw Craft-y-Arts. 

Themed Kitchen Towels by Willow & Thyme Decor

Looking to add a pop of holiday cheer to your kitchen? These 100% cotton flour sack kitchen towels are the perfect choice. They make a lovely Christmas gift or stocking stuffer as well.

– Willow & Thyme Decor

Knitted Santa by witchcrafts

Our list wouldn’t be complete without santa decorations. Each piece is hand knitted by Witchcrafts and ships from Australia!

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