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Meet the Maker: The Corner Niche Design

Meet the Maker: The Corner Niche Design

See how Karen is turning her passion for knitting into a passionate business with The Corner Niche Designs

Tell us your story! What inspired you to create your store?

I love to knit and I am fortunate to be able to travel with my husband on his business trips. I get very bored if I do not have something to knit. Most of what I knit is baby items because most knit up fast. If customers ask me to knit an item for them whether baby, youth, or adult I will always welcome a challenge.

Tell us about your products? Why did you choose the products and where did you learn your craft?

My mother was also a great knitter. When I was young I watched her knit all the time would ask her questions about her knitting. One day I mentioned that I wanted to knit too. It came very easily to me, I guess because I watched her and asked lots of questions.

How do you stay motivated?

Wanting to please my customers. My husband is also wonderful at praising my work. When we are out and about he will at times tell people what I do and I love to show people my work.

What is your favorite product you make or material you work with and why?

Wow, that is a hard question to answer. I like acrylic yarns. They wash and wear well and the price is right. Right now I guess the workman snugly it knitted up fast and my little model Emily looks so adorable in it.

Just Artisan - Meet the Maker: The Corner Niche Design

Where do you turn for inspiration? What is your creative process like?

I have one friend who is also a customer. She always challenges me with what she would like to see me make. My cousin who is always on Pinterest will ask if I would make something that she found.

What are you hoping to accomplish through Just Artisan?

To have my knitted items find new homes. To find customers that will enjoy my knitted items.

What does success look like to you?

Success would be in making my customers happy and that they love the items they have ordered and return.

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