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Product Guidelines

Just Artisan is a marketplace for artisans to sell their handmade goods. To give guidance to potential sellers, we have put together the following guidelines on what types of products can be sold on Just Artisan.

Sellers who list products that do not meet the guidelines for handmade goods may have their products and/or selling privileges revoked.

Which products are considered handmade?

Handmade products are items that are made and/or designed by the seller, or a small group of people that include the seller. Vendors on Just Artisan can list physical or digital goods, so long as their items follow our guidelines.

When you list an item you agree that:

  1. All items are made or designed by you, or a small group that you are a part of.
  2. Photographs must be your own (not stock photos, artist renderings, or copied from another seller or website) and must accurately show the product you are selling.
  3. Products must not be mass-produced, and the production of the products must not be outsourced, with the following exception: some artistic products, such as stickers or artwork, may require an outside printer or printing service due to the cost of necessary equipment. We will allow outside printing as long as the seller is responsible for the design, and the designs are artistic, and they are original creations.
  4. Vendors can sell altered goods (such as mugs or t-shirts) as long as the value of the item comes from their designs or artwork. The artwork must be an original creation by the vendor.
  5. Digital items must be original designs. Due to the ease of distribution, digital products with prices below $5 will be reviewed to ensure that they are not blatantly undercutting other vendors. The reason for this is to reduce spam and ensure a fair marketplace for all vendors.

Prohibited items

The following items are not allowed for sale on Just Artisan, even if they otherwise meet our listing criteria:

  1. Items that violate intellectual property rights
  2. Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, drug paraphernalia, and medical drugs
  3. Animal products and human remains
  4. Hazardous items or weapons
  5. Hate items
  6. Regulated items
  7. Pornography or overtly sexualized items
  8. Drop-shipping or reselling
  9. Food or Drinks

Members on Just Artisan can flag items that violate our guidelines for us to review. Vendors who do not meet our guidelines may have their products removed and/or their selling privileges revoked.