Original art piece handmade in Maine by the artisans of AGblend13. Reclaimed .050 aluminum has been hand cut into a cheerful sunflower shape, with all edges hand filed and manually hammered to create surreal dimension. The edges of the petals curve forward from the center, where a raised dimpled circle mimics the center of a real sunflower.

Piece is ready to hang from a mechanically attached clip– this is sturdy metal and weighs about a pound, to create a durable hanging attachment the head of the machine screw is visible on the front.

After the metal shaping process is completed by Gepre, Anka hand paints the work with bright colors and fun details. Sun yellow petals with a touch of orange at the base radiate from a deep brown flower center with touches of green, dramatic shading making the area appear even more dimensional than the metal shaping on its own. The visible screw head has been painted to match the flower, and for a touch of fun a hand painted green June Beetle magnet is included! It will attach to the steel screw and can be removed at will.

{Colors may appear more vivid on your backlit screen}

Clear coated in Matte

(not pictured) artist signatures hand engraved on the back

Please display indoors out of direct sunlight


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