✔ Instant Download ZIP file with twenty-two (22) individual .PNG images with transparent backgrounds
✔ E-mailed automatically after payment
🚫 (Nothing will be shipped to your home, this is not a physical item!)
✔ High quality 300 dpi images
✔ Print out for scrapbooking, gift tags, or homemade cards
✔ Use image files as clip art in your digital art projects

Measurements vary, from about 5×5 inches for the Catwoman Cat down to 0.75×0.75 inches for the little ghost kitties. The nature of a 300 dpi scan allows for some scaling without losing picture clarity. Full item inventory at the bottom of listing.

✘ Digital files not for resale
✘ NOT for commercial use, personal use only.
✘ No refunds, sales are final
✘ Not for upload to print-on-demand websites such as Zazzle, Redbubble, CafePress etc.

1 “Catwoman” cat, featuring a fluffy orange cat who just wants to dress up as a cool Catwoman
1 “Bride of Frankencat” painted all in black and white except for their yellow eyes
1 Vampire Bat cat with black and white fur, blue eyes and purple wings, holding a giant piece of candy corn
1 Bee cat with green crossed eyes holding a large strawberry wrapped hard candy
1 Devil cat with a huge green apple dipped in caramel
1 Sphynx cat with golden green eyes, painted in a red skull motif with spiderwebs on the ears
1 orange candy corn
1 purple/black candy corn
2 cat head lollipops, in purple and blue
1 black licorice
1 small pumpkin cat-o-lantern with ears and grinning cat face
1 assortment of five peanut butter candies
1 assortment of eight candy coated chocolate candies
2 gummy worms, one orange and green, the second is pink and blue
1 image with two ghost kitties, are they candies or novelty erasers? Who knows!
1 blue eyeball
1 purple eyeball
1 larger green eyeball
1 yellow plastic spider
1 sleeve of tablet candies


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