Original and one of a kind painting created with acrylics on hand-shaped aluminum, straight from the studios of AGblend13. Art is ready to hang and is protected with a Matte clear coat.

Get ready for an ice cream dance off, where everyone is a winner because all ice cream is delightful! The metal has been cut into a wiggly square shape with edges curved toward the wall, a large exclamation point hammered from the back of the work to give the front an interesting dimension.

Background is a diagonal stripe pattern in orange, yellow, green, and pink, each color field has pale streaks and is outlined in a similar shade. The stripes continue onto the dimensional exclamation point offset by one color, and outlined in white with white highlights. Multicolored sprinkles fly around two dancing ice creams: a pointy cone on the left has a triple scoop of pink, mint, and vanilla fudge ice cream, while the right is a square bottom cone with a rainbow gradient soft-serve swirl. The soft-serve has a grinning face looking toward the triple-scoop, who in turn laughs with the soft-serve from a face on each ice cream. Both dancing cones are painted in a loose, gestural style, brought into focus with a flat black outline around each form.

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(not pictured) artist names and creation date hand engraved on the back

Please display indoors and out of direct sunlight


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