Original miniature painting is hand painted on thick, reclaimed aluminum. All edges are rounded and hand filed, and art is protected with a Matte clear coat.

This painting imagines the adorable white cross-eyed kitty owned by Korben Dallas with orange curly hair à la Leeloo, backed by a spacey black and blue scene.

✨As a personal note, I sincerely love all of my paintings and I’m always excited to share them with the world, but this one is a little extra special. Every time I look at it I laugh! The goofy grin and those adorable crossed eyes with that famous Leeloo hair is cute and ridiculous and I love it.

Does *NOT* come with a hanging attachment, please see photos

Recommend you keep art dry, display indoors and out of direct sunlight

(not pictured) artist names and creation date hand engraved on the back

(This is a piece of fanart and I just want to be completely clear that this cat is not “canon” rather we are living in the AGblend13 AU where every alien/robot/fantasy species has a feline counterpart. Enjoy 🙂


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