Spooky Sweetie is flying your way to give you a kiss. And she only requires a *teensy* amount of your blood. It’s love!


Reclaimed .063 aluminum measuring about 1.6mm thick is hand cut and hand hammered as a base for this painting. The face area is curved inwards, and small marks from the tooling process add subtle interest to this handmade piece. All edges are cleanly filed and sanded. Gepre designed the easel leg in aluminum, and a small screw and wing nut allow the piece to be folded in for transport, and adjusted manually for your display. This is not wall art, it is perfect for a shelf, mantle or tabletop.

Requires a minimum shelf/mantle depth of 6 1/2 inches, though we recommend a deeper shelf for safety.


Cute, fun, and most of all Weird, brought to you by Art Base Alpha:

Completely hand painted and original. Soft reddish pink skin is a sweet contrast to electric blue hair. Large purple eyes dominate her face, and tiny vampire teeth stick out from her pouty lips. This darling may have been beheaded, but it doesn’t appear to have slowed her down as she zooms from tiny bat wings on her neck. Her massive sparkly brain sticks out from her head, why, I don’t really know. Creepy silhouettes of witchy trees stand out from the background that is an expressive gradient from red to purple to green.

Clear coated in Matte


(not pictured) artist names and creation date hand engraved on the back

Ships for free in the US

Please display indoors and out of direct sunlight

(Props not included)


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