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TMP Designs

About the Artist

One of a Kind Handmade fold-over Purses

Made with Vegan Leather!

Affordable – Ethical – Colorful

Hand Embroidery is done by Studio Mildred

Hi! I’m Tessa. I am a native of San Diego, CA. Design is my passion and always has been since I was young. I always knew I wanted to design when I grew up, I just had to figure out what I was going to design! I went to college and majored in Interior Design which has become my main source of income and I love it! I make purses to cure my urge for instant gratification. I get to design and create them with my own hands. Sew satisfying!I was never big on fashion or buying expensive purses. I would always try to make my own clothes and make bags by hand. My fabrics are ever changing which makes my purses one of kind and I only use Vegan Leather (vinyl), cotton, or canvas on all my purses!My best seller, the fold-over purse, was something that I made for myself at first. I used it all the time and got many compliments on it. I even got some orders just from wearing my handmade purse! I started getting so many orders for the same purse with different fabrics that I had to share with the rest of the world!I love being creative and finding new fabrics with interesting colors and textures. I make everything by hand in a corner of my condo on my free time. I hope that you enjoy my products and share with your friends!