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The Boss Witch Life Lunar Undated *Printable* Planner US Letter 8.5 x 11


The Boss Witch Life Lunar Undated *Printable* Planner US Letter 8.5 x 11


Beauty and love potions. Charms, familiars, and spells. Plus making that coin? Oh my! You are a Boss Witch, my dear!

With an emphasis on the lunar cycle, our latest planner kit emphasizes a more yin approach to life. Focusing on intuitive insight and short-term planning rather than detailed analysis and the very long term, our planner helps you to organize your life around the lunar cycles. (If you are deciding between this and the Witchy Woman Planner, it comes down to your preferred style of planning. The Witchy Woman Planner is focused on long term goals and sequential steps on how to get there along with more detail such as daily astro events vs sole emphasis on the lunar cycles).

We noticed that when we had more energy (and attracted more money!) when we planned our projects and life around the lunar phases. Working with this energy (and planner) rather than against it has allowed us to both achieve and attract much more into our life with much more ease.

Featuring a vintage 1950’s mid-century design and a bold AF declaration of the Boss Witch Life, this printable daily planner is a perfect gift for either you or any other witch in your life. We personally use this planner for success as it allows us to really get down to the essence of what we are attracting without being bogged down with too much information.
Your magical investment consists of the following:

1. Witchy Themed Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily Calendar Pages as bills, meetings, and other mundane aspects of life don’t always revolve around the lunar phases! Damn!

2. Daily Gratitude and Habit Tracker pages. Yes, even the magically powerful and mighty have many things to be grateful for along with the need for tracking some new habits, too! .

3. Lunar Phase Tracker – The Heart of Our Planner. We got a little tired of always having to go online to refer to our astro chart. So we inserted an astro wheel where you can input your basic information or insert a copy of your natal chart instead. We then created a Moon Phase Tracker in which you can track the phases of the moon using our digital stickers during the month so you can always know what is going on the lunar level and how it relates specifically to you. Wait! We have more! Also included is a Lunar Phase Summary in which you can list a summary of actions, insights, etc gleaned from your Lunar Phase Journal.

4. Lunar Phase Journal – Prompts for each phase of the lunar cycle along with blank versions for your own questions. Mighty handy for any rituals and spell work timing, too. We have also included a stylish Witchy Moon page, too! Great for jotting down ideas for rituals, spells, sigils, etc.

5. Moon Ritual Pages – Witchy New Moon and Full Moon Intention Pages for you to craft out intentions to your heart’s content. A Ritual Worksheet to detail the aspects of your rituals such as type of ritual, lunar phase, crystals/essential oils, etc. A rituals/spells tracker to note the results of your efforts, spell type, and date of ritual.

6. Tarot Tracker – Record your Tarot Card of the Day from the Daily Page to see patterns and themes over a month’s time. For those repeated cards, we have included a pretty rad journal prompt for you to go deeper along with a blank page for any drawings and additional information that may come to mind later.

7. Money – Yes, we are all about that coin! Included are a Yearly Summary Page to track monthly activity over time, Monthly Budget, Monthly Expense Tracker, and Monthly Revenue Tracker. Since we love to have fun visuals we created two additional trackers – a Debt Tracker with a Voodoo Doll named “Debt” and a Savings Tracker with a prosperity spell inside of it! Now that is some magic!

8. Divine Signs & Self Care – Self care is the foundation for receptivity and we made a journal prompt devoted to this. As crystal junkies ourselves, we also included a Crystals Page to help a fellow witch out! We know a lot of you have magical bath soak recipes so created a lovely recipe sheet. Last, but not certainly least, divine signs and messages can come via dreams, random conversations, etc. We were inspired to illustrate an envelope with a message sheet for you to write those Uranian bolts of insight. (We created envelopes in two colors, black and sweet pea pink).We also included a Signs and Synchronicities sheet for your lunar phase intention where you can write down all of the clues that the Universe is sending to you.

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